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Peter Bernaers

Freelance Colourist

Phone +32 2 241 95 55
Mobile +32 495 500 126
Address We Electric BVBA
Eduard Dekosterstraat 19
1140 Brussels (Belgium)
Email [email protected]
Web (under construction)

30 year old freelance colourist living in Brussels.

I started as a colourist in Belgium in September 2001 at Ace Digital House. I worked for them until June 2006 and from then I have worked as a freelancer.

In the beginning I did a lot of dailies but since the end of 2002 I've been specialising in doing Digital Intermediates for shoot-out to film. Right now I've graded 21 feature films, several short films, a few restorations (all in 2K), but also some broadcast work (TV films and series) and commercials.

I have a lot of experience working with Spirit Datacine for dailies, telecines and scannings, and recently I also have some experience with the Millenium and the Arriscan. The grading tools I'm used to working with are the Baselight (training in June 2007 at FilmLight), Pandora's Pogle, Discreet's Lustre and Coloris (a software-based grading tool developed by Ace Digital House in Brussels, Belgium and Mikros Image in Paris, France).

I have been doing DI since 2002 so I also have an extensive knowledge of the DI process (workflows, colour management, etc.) and of lab techniques.

I speak Dutch, English, French and German. A showreel can be sent on demand.

For more information, see CV_Peter_Bernaers.pdf.

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