Salón Internacional de La Luz

16-21 May 2017

The ‘International Light Show, Volume VIII’ will take place in Bogotá DC, Colombia, from May 16 to 21, 2017.

Join us on Friday 19 May for an exclusive workshop. Daniele Siragusano, FilmLight's workflow specialist, will demonstrate the creative and economic benefits of future-proof workflows for today‚Äôs storytellers, which start with establishing a look, capturing it on set and reusing it all the way through to the final grade, as well as colour pipelines for VFX.

Daniele will be joined by FilmLight's Francisco Monje, as well as Leonardo Otero of 2:35 Digital and Diana Solórzano of Post Populi.

For more information, visit the Salón Internacional de La Luz web site, or email [email protected] to register.

General Information

16-21 May 2017

Workshop: 19 May

Centro Ático
Calle 40 N° 06-39


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