Baselight 5.0   Now available

A new level in colour & creativity

Baselight 5.0 is now available

Scroll down to read about some of the new features, or take a look at the Baselight 5.0 datasheet.
Eligible customers can download the update from the Baselight Support page.

To see tutorials and feature previews about the some of the new features in Baselight 5.0, visit the Tutorials page.

Baselight 5.0 introduces a radical step change in the way that professional colourists and other creative artists across the production process can add value and quality to productions – all boosted with over 50 new features.

Base Grade: A sea change in grading tools

Colour grading needs to evolve as capture and display technologies change. In Baselight 5.0 we’ve pushed our expertise with colour even further and developed a brand new grading tool with a totally natural feel that is intuitive to use – something that works with you, as well as for you.

The most sophisticated yet simple grading tool we’ve ever developed. The Base Grade is new, both as a feature and as a concept in colour grading. It provides a set of unique, ground-breaking tools to make beautiful images based around the way people actually perceive colour – instead of the traditional lift/gamma/gain approach that grew from how we could adjust colour electronically.

To do this, the Base Grade offers grading adjustments using a new set of controls: Base, Exposure and Tint.

Do more with Baselight

Baselight 5.0 boasts several tools that are specifically tailored to give colourists more creative control and reduce the time and energy spent out of the grading suite for round tripping with other effects and finishing systems.

These are just some of them:

  • Perspective operator to allow easy screen replacement and re-projection
  • Perspective tracking of images, shapes, paint strokes and grid warps using either 4 1-point trackers or new perspective-capable area tracker.
  • Grid warper
  • Dedicated keyer for production quality blue and green screen keying
  • Paint tool for retouching, such as logo removal
  • Relight tool to add virtual lights to a scene
  • Matchbox shader including support for Flame Matchbox shaders

Before gamut optimisation

After gamut optimisation

Optimised for HDR

No more out-of-gamut problems

The new range of HDR-ready cameras are extremely powerful, but that means they’re capable of capturing all sorts of colours that could never be displayed on a cinema screen or television. A new Gamut Compression feature makes it easy to fix ‘out-of-gamut’ colours automatically so you never need to worry. Compressing the outer volume of the gamut without affecting the inner volume means bright, saturated colours won’t clip and destroy your image.

Colour management — clever, intuitive & assured

Baselight already features unrivalled colour space management but colour spaces can be confusing. That’s why we’re introducing the concept of colour space ‘families’.

When your project has been graded and you’re ready to produce your deliverables, you can choose between different viewing families – such as cinema or TV. Baselight will then choose the most appropriate colour space and rendering transform to ensure that your deliverables are optimised for their end viewing conditions.

Remote grading

Baselight 5.0 brings you a completely new approach to remote grading by allowing other sites with a Baselight system to view your Baselight scene while you’re working on it. Your clients and colleagues can browse the scene on their own, or you can lock them to you so they follow as you work, adding grades and other creative touches to the shots.

Productivity is king with the revolutionary FLUX Manage

New for Baselight 5.0 - FLUX Manage replaces the Sequence Browser and standalone FLUX application so you can enjoy its unique and blistering power for browse, multi-insert, copy and delete operations.

Efficiency and data management like never before to save you time and valuable storage space.

Versatile search operations and custom scripting functions help you find and sort media quickly and efficiently, meaning you can work out the media you need to keep – and the media you don’t.

There are many more new features in Baselight 5.0. For more information, see the Baselight 5.0 datasheet.

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