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Delivering fast and efficient dailies

With Thom Berryman, head of Pinewood Digital International

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One of the key functions we provide as part of the Pinewood business is to handle the front end of the post-production process. As a specialist front-end dailies division, we manage dailies as a service for movie producers, from the big studios like Disney and Lucas to independent production houses.

Our business is to receive the media from set, ingest and archive to LTO and spinning disk storage, then grade and render it for editorial, as well as for the traditional dailies review screenings. We started out hand-crafting our own tools for this, because there simply was nothing on the market that offered the workflows we needed, at both the quality our clients demand and a cost-effective price point.

Naturally, we kept close to the industry, seeing where developments were going and nudging vendors where we could. And it became apparent to us that FilmLight, a company we already knew and respected, was looking to create a dailies tool.

Within the group we are big users of their Baselight grading system, and know the guys at FilmLight very well. We talked to them and it quickly became obvious that there was much more power and functionality in what they were planning than there was in our own system, let alone what else was out on the market. With the constant development and release of new cameras, we made a strategic decision to reduce our software development operations and focus more on our key service offerings. We even did a shoot-out with other solutions, but FilmLight won outright so we got ourselves onto the beta test programme.

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“The dailies process is more than just the DIT moving data off camera cards on set. Rather than just a ‘one person, one task’ tool, Daylight has become part of a network and part of a content flow.”



Pinewood Digital Study (PDF)


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