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Sophisticated colour grading

Are you using Baselight Editions for Avid or NUKE? Do you need to access grades from Baselight v5? Join the Baselight Editions v5 beta programme today - email [email protected].

Not all facilities require the power and functionality of a full Baselight system, however most people strive to create the highest quality images using the best tools for the job.

Baselight Editions provide the same core toolset as the full Baselight systems, with the same graphical user interface but as a software-only package which can be incorporated into an existing NLE or VFX workstation. This approach delivers FilmLight's high quality grading tools and Truelight colour management directly into your workstation, and as the Editions share the same data structures as the full Baselight systems, projects can be seamlessly transferred and shared between users and facilities.

Baselight Editions allow you to view – or to render – grades passed between departments – completely free. It's the perfect solution for collaboration with colleagues or facilities that don't have Baselight, or that don't need complete creative control of the look.

If you find that you need to edit grades you can easily switch to a full licence, which can be purchased directly from the software or from the web store.

The first products to be released in the Baselight Editions range are:

Use the links below to buy or try Baselight Editions for Avid or NUKE, or visit our Web Store for more information.
Buy Now

Buy Now allows you to purchase full, permanent licences – either node-locked or floating.

30-Day Trial gives you access to a fully functioning, node-locked product for 30 days.

Free Licence allows Baselight Editions to be used for free, so you can pass grades to other facilities where they can be accurately read and rendered – without purchasing a licence.

See the Store FAQs for more information on all of these options.

Baselight Editions is also available at special pricing for academic institutions.


If you need to download the Baselight Editions installer again, or you are looking for the latest version, you can find it on the Baselight Editions Downloads page.

If you have a specific question, email it to [email protected].

Flexible Licences for Freelancers

We’ve created new licencing options especially for freelancers, so you can easily move a licence to a new system when a job finishes. When you activate Baselight for Avid, you’ll have the chance to choose a duration. The smallest duration is one day and there is no limit to the number of times that the licence can be activated.

One Licence, Multiple Editions

If you want access to the power of Baselight within a host of different applications, there is no need to buy multiple licences.

So long as the applications are installed on the same system, purchase one licence in the Baselight Editions range and you get access to all Editions on that machine.

Layer Blending

Blend the output of a previous layer into the current layer by any amount you choose and using any of the available Photoshop-style blend modes, such as Mix, Add, Lighten, Darken, Overlay, Screen and so on.

Find out more in our Baselight Feature Tutorial.

Instant grade recall with Scratchpad

The Scratchpad is designed for fast and simple saving and retrieval of looks (or grade stacks). Grab versions of stacks, cycle through Scratchpad slots, compare two versions or show all versions for a quick, at-a-glance view of the Scratchpad contents.

Ultimate control

Baselight Editions support the Slate grading control surface, which can be completely customised to your preferred way of working using our Chalk application

The entire product range also supports the Avid Artist Color and the Tangent Element and Wave panels.

Control is definitely a matter of choice.

Unlimited Layers of Colour

Baselight can be applied to any or all clips in your timeline allowing you to add multiple grading layers to each shot. There is no limit to the number of layers you can ‘stack’ allowing you to build up complex corrections to obtain the exact look you require.

Built-in Keyers and Matte Generation

Two separate grading or filter effects can be applied 'inside' and 'outside' of a matte, within any layer of a Baselight grading stack. Mattes are generated using a combination of built-in luma/chroma/3D keyers, bezier shapes and various modifiers allowing full adjustment of roll-off, softness, choking and so on.

Baselight also provides variable shape feathering, so shapes can have differential softness, but without ever suffering from the folding and edging that occurs with other solutions.

Unrivalled Colour Space Management

Truelight Colour Spaces allow colour space conversions to be performed with the speed, accuracy, and dynamic range permitted by native floating-point GPU functionality. They can be defined externally of Baselight formats, and have a powerful function set that allows complex transforms formerly only possible with 3D LUT mechanisms.

You can find out more about Truelight Colour Spaces and how they support an ACES workflow on our Colour Management page, in our Feature Tutorial, or read our Workflow Guide.

GPU Scopes

Baselight includes built-in Vectorscope, RGB Parade, YCbCr Parade and Luma Waveform displays plus a high-precision histogram. Accurate levels are displayed along with an indication of 'illegal' colours. Each scope can be displayed within the Baselight UI.

Find out more in our series of Baselight Feature Tutorials, starting with the RGB Parade.

Automated Tracking

Baselight’s automatic tracking system provides several options so you can track objects throughout a shot: one-point, two-point, or the area-based tracker. The area tracker allows you to define an area in the image rather than individual points and the system will accurately track the translation, rotation and scale of the object.

Find out more about the area tracker in our Baselight Feature Tutorial.

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