FilmLight Product Support Team Email

Support Team Email
Baselight [email protected]
Baselight Editions [email protected]
Prelight [email protected]
Daylight [email protected]
FLIP [email protected]
Northlight [email protected]
Truelight [email protected]

Support Office Hours and Phone Numbers

Office Phone Hours
London +44 (0)20 7292 0405 Mon–Fri 9.30am-5.30pm GMT
North America +1 (323) 785 1648 Mon–Fri 9.30am-5.30pm PDT
Australia +61 (2) 8307 3839 Mon–Fri 9.30am-5.30pm Aus AEDT
Germany +49 (89) 32309485 Mon–Fri 9.30am-5.30pm CET
India +91 9819426677 Mon–Fri 9.30am-5.30pm CET

Regional Holidays 2017

FilmLight provides 'follow-the-sun' worldwide support for 24 hours of each working day, excluding regional national holidays. A list of regional national holidays is shown below.

Holiday 2017 AUS CHN MEX SGP UK US
New Year (sub) 02-Jan x x x x x x
Australia Day 26-Jan x
Chinese New Year/ Spring Festival 27 Jan- 2 Feb x    
Chinese New Year 28/30-Jan     x
Constitution Day 6-Feb x  
President's Day 20-Feb x
Benito Juarez's Birthday 20-Mar     x    
Qingming Festival 2-4 Apr   x      
Maundy Thursday 13-Apr     x    
Good Friday 14-Apr x   x x x
Easter Monday 17-Apr x x
Anzac Day 25-Apr x
Labour/May Day 01-May x x x x
Vesak Day 10-May     x
Dragon Boat Festival 28-30 May x    
Memorial Day 29-May x
Spring Bank Holiday 29-May x
Queen's Birthday 12-Jun x
Hari Raya Puasa (sub) 26-Jun     x
Independence Day 04-Jul x
National Day 09-Aug     x
Summer Bank Holiday 28-Aug x
Hari Raya Haji 01-Sep     x
Labor Day 04-Sep x
Independence Day 16-Sep     x
National Day 01-08 Oct   x  
Labour Day 02-Oct x
Deepavali 18-Oct*     x
Revolution Day 20-Nov x  
Thanksgiving 23/24 Nov x
Lady of Guadalupe Day 12-Dec     x      
Christmas 25-Dec x x x x x x
Boxing Day 26-Dec x       x x

* Subject to change.

Product downloads

To download upgrades, new releases and documentation, visit the support area for your product.

Product Current release
Baselight 5.0 5.0.10254
Baselight 4.4m1 4.4m1.9553
Baselight for Avid 4.4.8530 (Windows)
4.4.10038 (Mac)
Baselight for NUKE 4.4.8257 (Windows - NUKE 8/9/10)
4.4.8926 (Windows - NUKE 10.5 & Linux)
4.4.10055 (Mac)
Daylight 5.0.10201
FLIP 4.4.7963
Prelight/Prelight ON-SET 5.0.10200
Truelight 4.0.7863
Northlight 2.0.4789

Note: The Northlight and Baselight areas are password-protected. If you are a current FilmLight customer, contact your sales representative or the Product Support Team to get a username and password.

Obtaining technical assistance

If you require technical assistance, read the product documentation first.

If this does not answer your questions, please email the appropriate Product Support Team.

We aim to respond to technical queries within 48 hours. For urgent technical assistance, get in touch with your local contact.

Licence support

If a new or emergency licence is required, customers should use the following e-mail address:

[email protected]

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