Truelight Colour Spaces

Additional cameras package

This package contains various additional camera colour spaces. The colour spaces were made based on experimental measurements under daylight.

Colour spaces covered in this package:

  • BMD: Film / CinemaPocket
  • BMD: Film / Production Camera 4K
  • Canon: CineStyle / 5D Mark2
  • Canon: Natural Picture Profile / 5D Mark3
  • DJI: DCineLike / Phantom3 Pro
  • GoPro: Protunes / GoPro 3Plus
  • Panasonic: CineD / GH4

Note: These colour spaces contain minimal sample points and have undergone minimal testing. Changes in camera firmware are not tracked, so future updates to cameras may not agree with the measurements taken when these colour spaces were created (May 2016).

Additional cameras All platforms 2016-08-04 8 kB
ACES HDR package
This custom DRT is for performing grading on an HDR monitor when using Baselight 4.4m1. For more information see the Quick Reference Guide, Grading on HDR displays in Baselight 4.4m1, in the Document Library.
ACES HDR DRT All platforms 2015-12-15 3.4 MB
HLG: Rec.2390 Hybrid Log-Gamma package
This set of Truelight Colour Spaces adds two additional Display Colour Spaces to your system, in order to support Hybrid Log-Gamma deliveries. For more information see the Quick Reference Guide, Grading for Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR, in the Document Library.
HLG colour spaces All platforms 2016-06-27 2 kB
RED package
This set of Truelight Colour Spaces and DRTs expands the support for RED-specific colour science.

The colour spaces are useful if you are using the new RED Weapon camera to record to Apple ProRes and the colour spaces are ‘baked in’. With these colour spaces, you can tag the footage accordingly on input.

The DRTs can be used to get the same colour rendering and tone mapping as the camera uses internally when set to RedGamma4/RedColor4 or RedGamma4/DragonColor2.
RED colour spaces and DRTs All platforms 2016-02-03 638 kB
Canon rationalised package
This set of Truelight Colour Spaces is an updated and rationalised version of colour spaces for Canon cinema cameras. The 17 colour spaces in this package cover the EOS C100, C300, C500, -1D C, XC15,XC10,ME200 and ME20 recording modes. They cover four primaries (Rec709, P3, P3 + BT2020 and CinemaGamut), three OETF (Canon Log 1, Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3) and, for some of them, two light spectra (tungsten and daylight).
Canon rationalised colour spaces All platforms 2016-09-16 13 kB
Linear packages
This set of Truelight Colour Spaces provides linear light colour spaces with different sets of primaries, which is useful for VFX workflows.
Linear colour spaces All platforms 2017-02-20 3 kB

Adding Truelight colour spaces

Once you have downloaded the colour spaces that you would like to add to your repository, unzip them and save them in /usr/fl/etc/colourspaces.

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