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Colour Online Webinar Series

Colour Online is a series of live webinars, designed to support and share information about our systems and applications with you. You can watch the latest video in this series below. Use the links to access all of the videos in this series, or to find out about and register for upcoming webinars.

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The professional solution –
with innovative v5 colour tools across the range


Fast, creative non-linear grading system in the finishing suite.

Baselight for Avid

Premier colour correction directly within Avid.

Baselight for NUKE

Premier colour correction directly within NUKE.

BLG for Flame

Streamlining the Baselight to Flame workflow for in-context, high quality, complex colour correction.


Professional deliverables that take the colour pipeline from shoot through post.

Grading Panels

High-precision instruments for artists.

What Baselight colourists say

“I’ve been working on Baselight for nearly ten years now and it is definitely my favourite grading tool.”

Aljoscha Hoffmann, CinePostproduction »

“Being an overwhelmingly visual person, the Baselight UI – and in particular the layer management – is a real positive.”

Clinton Homuth, Artjail »

“Base Grade has really revolutionised the way colourists grade as it works the same way in every working colour space.”

Yvan Lucas, Los Angeles »

“At first be sure this is really what you want to do, because the competition is hard and the working hours can be crazy.”

Julien von Schultzendorff, nhb studios »

“My eye for photography translates into my grading work from a creative point of view as well as a technical one.”

Nick Dalby, UNIT Studios, London »

“It's the speed of the tools in Baselight that truly broadens the possibilities in colour grading.”

Naotaka Takahashi, L’espace Vision »

Our client stories

Our clients range from major film studios and national broadcast television providers, to production and post-production companies both large and small.

‘Woman’ – the voice of women across the world.

Directed by Anastasia Mikova and Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Woman is a remarkable documentary, which brings to the screen almost 2000 women, from 50 countries.

Case Study »
Capturing ‘The Painted Bird’ in black and white.

FilmLight talked with DoP Vladimír Smutný and UPP Senior Colourist David Koubik during CAMERIMAGE about their collaboration on ‘The Painted Bird’.

Case Study »
Grading and finishing ‘Gemini Man’: 120fps, 4K, high dynamic range 3D.

The latest movie from director Ang Lee presented a huge challenge for post, as it was shot and finished in 3D at 120 frames per second, using specially modified ARRI cameras shooting at 3.2K.

Case Study »
Finishing ‘Captain Marvel’.

A conversation with colourist Doug Delaney.

Case Study »
The Mill brings VFX and colour into a new level.

Internationally-renowned visual effects and content creation studio The Mill has recently invested in a number of BLG for Flame licences from FilmLight.

Case Study »

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