Effective Colour Management from Production to Distribution

Truelight Colour Spaces allow colour space conversions to be performed with the speed, accuracy, and dynamic range permitted by native floating-point GPU functionality. They can be defined externally of Baselight formats, and have a powerful function set that allows complex transforms formerly only possible with 3D LUT mechanisms.

Truelight Colour Spaces:
Improvements in Baselight 4.4m1


For more background on Truelight Colour Spaces, see these videos on 'Effective Colour Management from Production to Distribution':

This video explains the improvements to colour management in the latest release of Baselight, including:

  • new naming convention
  • new DRTs
  • shot-based colour management
  • CDL grade
  • support for ARRI look files
  • advanced LUT export
  • removal of colour spaces from formats
  • vectorscope contrast control
  • colour space hints
  • scene templates

Part 1: Challenges & workflows for colour management today


This video covers two topics: traditional grading workflows, and the challenges faced with modern digital image acquisition and digital colour reproduction.

So that we can view modern workflows in the right context, Daniele Siragusano first describes the behaviour and limits of different traditional workflows when grading an image. He then goes on to explain the new challenges we face when mixing different cameras and different display technologies, so that we can understand how modern colour management concepts - like ACES and Truelight Colour Spaces - can provide an answer.

Part 2: Solutions with ACES & Truelight Colour Spaces


In the second instalment, Daniele looks at ACES to show how the framework handles the challenges discussed in part 1 around digital image acquisition and pleasing colour reproduction.

He then demonstrates how to use Truelight Colour Spaces to implement the ACES idea, and shows how the concept can be extended for different grading workflows.

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