This series of tutorials gives an overview of Daylight, our comprehensive dailies grading and management system, using a typical workflow as an example.
FLUX Manage for Baselight and Daylight 5.0

FLUX Manage for Baselight and Daylight 5.0

A detailed look at the media management features of FLUX Manage including searching, sorting, filtering, copying and deleting material.

Daylight: An  Introduction (Beta Version) Daylight: An Introduction (Beta Version)
We created this video back when Daylight was still in beta - and still called Baselight DAILIES. Despite the name change, the video is still useful for anyone who wants to get a good overview of the Daylight workflow.

It explains a basic workflow with the product, including how to bring material in, grade it and render out deliverables.
Daylight Introduction - Part 1 Daylight Introduction
Part 1 - Importing Material

Part 1 gives an introduction to the user interface and system setups, and describes how to create a new job and scene and import source material into it.
Daylight Introduction - Part 2 Daylight Introduction
Part 2 - Managing Metadata

Part 2 shows how to view and manage image metadata from within Daylight.
Daylight Introduction - Part 3 Daylight Introduction
Part 3 - Applying Basic Grades

Part 3 introduces the Grade workspace and covers how to add a basic look to the shots you have imported into your scene.
Daylight Introduction - Part 4 Daylight Introduction
Part 4 - Syncing Audio

Part 4 describes the Audio Sync workspace and demonstrates how to sync separately recorded audio files to your scene automatically using timecode.
Daylight Introduction - Part 5 Daylight Introduction
Part 5 - Rendering & Reports

Part 5 shows how to render out graded dailies for editing systems from the Render workspace, and how to access the reporting options within Daylight.


This section contains feature tutorials that show you how to use our systems.


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