FLUX Store - Post-Production Data Server

Fit for Purpose

FLUX Store is networked post-production storage that utilises the high-bandwidth internal disk system and cloud network infrastructure developed for Baselight.


It can be deployed in a facility as easily as general storage, whilst providing a solution that is purpose designed and industry proven for streaming high-resolution media.

Scalable and Affordable

Each FLUX Store provides either 40TB or 80TB of streaming protected storage using a constant-rate hardware RAID 60—developed by FilmLight—across the 24 drives. FLUX Store has a filesystem designed specifically for handling image streams with minimal fragmentation and seeking, which allows the use of high-capacity, lower RPM drives resulting in a low cost per TB.


Each store is connected to the Baselight cloud network by dual 10GbE links capable of multiple streams of 2K uncompressed—and even 4K playback to remote Baselight systems. Additional FLUX Store systems can be added to the cloud simply, as projects demand.

The store also appears as a high performance NAS to the rest of the facility using NFS or SAMBA over Ethernet.

To find out more, read the FLUX Store Datasheet.

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