Fourteen Actors Acting
Spring Studios, London

Read more about this production in our Case Study.
Moving Picture Company, London
Nice Shoes, New York

Nice Shoes is a former Feature Customer.
Render Post, Jakarta


For commercials or music promos originating on film or video, the Baselight software colour corrector provides a highly responsive and extensive feature set for client-attended colour grading.

Baselight integrates with telecine equipment, such as the DFT Digital Film Technology Spirit DataCine, to support a commercial or dailies workflow, and makes it simple to create editorial-ready dailies—sync audio, render out editorial-ready media, and export an ALE file so that you can access all metadata within your editorial system, regardless of whether the metadata was added in Baselight or was attached to the source media.

In-context grading, versioning and deliverables plus Baselight's superb creative toolkit ensure world class commercials production. Baselight's toolkit is also far more extensive and flexible than traditional hardware colour correctors, enabling colourists to deliver and fulfil the client's needs without compromising speed or quality.


Some of our more recent film DI credits include:

Production Facility
Adidas 'Star Wars' The Mill
Barclaycard 'Waterslide' The Mill
Britvic Drench 'Brains Dance' The Mill
Clear G1 Postgroup
Coke 'Burn' Cutting Edge
Denver Water Crosspoint
Fiji Me Images & Sound
Fourteen Actors Acting Spring Studios
Guinness 'Tipping Point' The Mill
Hovis 'Go On Lad' The Mill
Jack Daniels Nolo
Kanye West 'Power' Nice Shoes
Lanvin Box Studios
Linear Prime Focus
Mercedes ACHT
Orange 'Windup' The Mill
Sharp Render Post
Sony '3D Bravia' One of Us
Sony 'Twilight' Envy
Virgin MPC


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