Taxi Driver
Sony Pictures, Los Angeles
Bridge On The River Kwai
Sony Pictures, Los Angeles
Dr Zhivago
Warner Bros|Paramount Studios, Los Angeles
The Godfather
Warner Bros|Paramount Studios, Los Angeles


Worldwide film archives now date back over 100 years, with a constant evolution of film stocks and emulsions, as well as formats and techniques.

Our Northlight pin-registered film scanner is the ideal system for carefully digitising film archives in preparation for restoration. Northlight has been designed with safe, accurate film handling in mind, but encompasses a whole range of specific adaptations to allow it to scan all archive stocks and formats.

These features include the new archive projector, which has been specifically designed to handle old and delicate film stock. Northlight can handle shrinkage from 0-3%, and allows you to reduce pinning current to provide accurate, safe pinning of the film in the gate—or even scan without pinning. The projector can accurately and carefully position film and deal with missing or stripped perforations up to six consecutive missing perforations. You also have total control over the speed of slewing and stepping through single frames from the Northlight UI.

These advances cement Northlight's place as the scanner of choice for the recovery and restoration of the most precious film archives.

Scanned images can be stabilised, automatically de-spotted using infra-red defect maps, and colour graded in our award-winning Baselight colour grading system, which also provides a range of restoration tools.


Some of our more recent restoration credits include:

Production Facility
Bridge on the River Kwai Sony Pictures
Dr Zhivago Warner Bros
Gladiator Laser Pacific
Saving Private Ryan Laser Pacific
Taxi Driver Sony Pictures
The African Queen Warner Bros
The Godfather Warner Bros
The Great White Silence Deluxe Digital
The Railway Children Pinewood Studios
The Ten Commandments Warner Bros


For a full list of credits, click here.

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